Bicep Array is a cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization experiment that will begin observations from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in early 2020. As the next stage of the Bicep/Keck series of experiments, Bicep Array will replace the five receivers of the Keck Array with four much larger receivers. This page details the activities of the group at the University of Minnesota in the year leading up to deployment of the experiment, including the assembly of the new telescope mount at UMN and the integration of the drive system, controllers, and receivers.

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A live webcam of the UMN high bay and the assembly process can be found on the sidebar

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  • First Rotations - With all the superstructure built up, there’s much less visual progress being made on the mount. We’re ordering lots of parts and waiting for their delivery so that we can begin work on other components like the drive system and the routing of gas hoses. In the meantime, we got a few videos of the […]
  • Installation of the Theta stage and Rotary Unions - After we installed the Elevation stage early in the week we were ready to install the final ring which we refer to as “Theta”. Unlike the Azimuth and Elevation stages which change the direction that the entire array points, the Theta stage rotates all four receivers about their common center known as the “bore sight” (the […]